The Lost Coast

Day 1

Batbayer, a wandering bard, comes across a wounded cleric on the path while traveling the wilds.  The cleric has had his backpack stolen, which contains the materials he needs to perform his rituals. Ari, the cleric, directs them to a nearby village to rest. The village is shrouded by a veil that obscures it from outside observers. 

The village elder asks for volunteers to go recover the backpack from bandit goblins. The bard, cleric and local barbarian, Wulf, are joined by a newcomer to town, a warlock named Marcion on their task. The crew makes quick work of about a dozen goblins and goblin-like creatures whilst recovering the backpack from an abandoned and collapsed mine.

Upon returning to the Lost Village, the crew rests overnight and Ari performs the ritual for the village in the morning. The crowd is moderately displeased by the performance, but they don't complain.

Later that morning, a long forgotten teleportation circle is activated and a wizard steps through. The wizard was dispatched to recruit wanderers to collect a possible relic of history from a reported abandoned dwarven outpost. He offers magical items in trade for anything of value found. Whether the wanderers decide to follow this lead or explore elsewhere remains to be determined.



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